Democratize the cloud

Divertica’s mission is to make even the most advanced cloud technologies usable for programmers of all skill levels.

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Over the last 20 years, there has been a profound structural change in software development.  Prior to the early 2000s, the software technology used in Silicon Valley and Corporate America was the basically the same.  This was driven by basic economics.  When Oracle and IBM commercialized SQL database technology in the 1970s, they HAD to succeed in selling the technology to Corporate America to make it commercially viable.  In fact, there was a race to gain market share in corporate America in order to become the de facto standard.  To succeed in this mission, SQL had to be usable for the broad range of software engineers in corporate America.

RDBMS timeline


In the late 90s, when Google was developing Hadoop, it had to IGNORE corporate america.  It developed Hadoop because SQL was not the right technology for developing a Global Search engine.  Hadoop development was targeted at Google Engineers.  Google commercialized Hadoop by placing it in an Open Source Foundation where it continues to be developed and used primarily by Born in Cloud companies.  We have seen relatively limited adoption of Hadoop in Corporate America.

Our approach in democratizing the cloud is:

  • Tools for Cloud Simplification – the power of the cloud is also one of the things that makes it so difficult to utilize broadly.  The vast and rapidly number of technology options in the cloud make it very, very powerful.  However, navigating all this choice requires a very high level of skill.  Divertica’s proprietary tooling is designed to make programming cloud similar to yesteryear’s approach to programming a Mac or PC: where the System Resource manager would do the heavy lifting on allocation of system resources as opposed to DevOps capabilities required in Modern Cloud Architectures.
    Beyond this proprietary tooling, we also have pre-established instances for PCI compliant and HIPAA applications to greatly speed and simplify development that must meet these regulatory standards.
  • Education – We are committed to leveraging our deep expertise in Cloud Architecture and Development to educate our clients to become more self-sufficient in their cloud development.

Divertica’s is the world’s first semi-automated custom software developer.  We plan to offer high levels of value to our clients by taking an approach that is different from either ISVs or System Integrators. 

 Enterprise softwareMass customization (Divertica)Bespoke (Systems integrator)
Ability to customize unique requirementsLowMediumHigh
Cost structureLow (driven by automation)MediumHigh – lowered with geographic labor arbitrage
Cost$ (as-is)$$$$$$$
StaffingDeep technical skillDeep technical skillLarge scale staffing with medium technical skill
Intellectual propertyHighMedium /High (Proprietary tools)Low (limited repetition)
Target applicationsHorizontalHorizontal /VerticalVertical /Individual

We are able to reduce development time and cost by 60+% by:

  • Leveraging Proprietary Tools
  • Leveraging Pre-built Templates
  • Leveraging the optimal set of cloud services and other software tools

This allows to significantly reduce the amount of work required to execute most software projects allowing us to provide the ultimate business tradeoff: Lower Cost, Less Time, and Higher Quality.

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