Divertica Development Accelerator: Automate Infrastructure as Code Development

Divertica's experience and approach to automate code development can help you save over 70%.

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Divertica’s secret sauce is the years it has spent developing its proprietary routines to automate DevOps coding.  One of the key issues that is often overlooked is the tremendous amount of expertise and work required to deploy and manage test and production environments in the Cloud.  In developing a Windows or Mac application, much of the heavy lifting is done by the operating system in terms of obtaining the appropriate system resources.  In addition, the overall networking and security environment was not driven at the application level.

The figure below shows an architecture for a web application using AWS.  As can be seen from the diagram, building, testing, and deploying a modern web application requires the use of a vast array of Cloud Services.

Every cloud service that is utilized requires:

  • Identified, Understood, and selected vs alternatives by DevOps team
  • Creation of DevOps code
  • Testing of DevOps code
  • Maintenance of DevOps code

The AWS services in this relatively simple example which are required include:

  • S3
  • Route S3
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda
  • Aurora
  • Elasticache
  • API Gateway
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Build
  • Code Commit
  • ECS
  • ECR
  • S3 Glacier
  • Kinesis Data Firehose
  • Cognito

This does not get into the more advanced Big Data and Machine Learning services that have been a primary focus on Amazon’s more recent releases.

Unless an organization has very deep cloud expertise, it will be a major undertaking to develop and maintain the code required to deploy even this straightforward web application.  Most organizations will have to seek very expensive outside resources to custom develop the DevOps tailored to the specifics of the application being developed.   In most cases, the actual business logic is straightforward and could be a relatively rapid development process in a traditional single computer application environment.  


Divertica is able to radically change the way cloud apps are built by bringing a set of tools which can be used to quickly build the DevOps code to both deploy and maintain cloud applications.  Divertica starts with a team that has deep Cloud Knowledge including several members of the team that worked on the development of Microsoft Azure.  This allows us to quickly select the optimal cloud components for an application.  Once the components have been selected, Divertica is able to use its proprietary tools to quickly generate the code required to deploy and maintain test and production environments.

Divertica’s tooling allows the focus of development to be on application logic.  It also eliminates the need for the constant back and forth between application development and the team driving Infrastructure as Code.  Divertica’s experience is the typical savings from its approach to development is 70%+! 

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