Single Sign-on Made Easy using Divertica’s Smart Virtual Agent

Divertica can reduce the cost and complexity of Single Sign-On Functionality by as much as 90%.

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A challenge faced by some organizations is tying together login credentials across multiple legacy systems in order to allow customers a seamless experience.  While this may seem like a straightforward, it rarely is in fact straightforward and often takes many years and significant investment to achieve.

Divertica believes that the latest Cloud and RPA tools provide options which dramatically simplify the development of Single Sign On functionality.  A simplified solution structure is shown below.  It consists of a master database of customer user names and passwords.  This allows Divertica’s solution to launch and login to all relevant applications from the master login.  Once the applications have all been launched in the cloud, a front end can be put into place to toggle between applications OR an integrated front end can be created by using Divertica’s smart agent functionality (based on RPA) to interact with the applications in the background.                                                                                                                                                          

Divertica believes that Single Sign On is another example of the value of taking an automation view of what has been previously treated as bespoke development projects.  By leveraging off the shelf components and Divertica proprietary tools, we can reduce the cost and complexity of Single Sign On functionality by as much as 90%!

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