Web-Enable Legacy Applications in 1/10 the time and 1/10 the Cost

Find out how Divertica empowers legacy app transformation using their unique approach to tech enablement.

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One of the most daunting challenges facing many organizations is the time and cost required to web enable Legacy Applications.  Building APIs into legacy applications is often very slow and costly leading a stranglehold on innovation. 

Divertica believes that this does not need to be the case for many organizations.  By combining Divertica’s proprietary Cloud DevOps tools with Robot Process Automation (RPA), Divertica can leverage existing customer service and internal interfaces to very rapidly build a web interface which allows customers direct web access to the appropriate Legacy system functionality.

Below is a simplified architecture for a proposal Divertica made on web enabling order status information from Legacy systems.  In this case, building APIs would take years of development and millions of dollars of investment.  Divertica offered an alternative approach to the customer in which it would leverage the existing customer service interfaces and operate scalable “virtual customer service agents” in the cloud.

Divertica enabled this option by using a combination of RPA and its proprietary cloud tooling in order to provide the customer with an enormous time and cost savings.  RPA allows for interpretation and interaction with existing customer service interfaces.

The Divertica solutions delivers an order of magnitude savings through:

  • Cloud based architecture with off the shelf components
  • Divertica DevOps tooling “automates” process of developing code to launch, maintain, and scale development, test, and production environments
  • RPA allows for interaction with Legacy Applications without ANY API development

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